Management Plans:
Tank management plans make for quick and simple reference documents for system compliance with the regulations. Many of the requirements vary from a one year to ten year evaluation requirement. Chem-Tech will customize a plan to your specific needs there is no need to track your requirements and run the risk of fines related to noncompliance issues.

Permitting is required in the State of Ohio to install, remove or alter an underground storage tank. Aboveground storage tanks have similar requirements as well. Chem-Tech has the experience to assist you through the process of tank permits.

Soil & Groundwater Testing:
Chem-Tech has performed many assessments that require soil and groundwater evaluations over 25 years. We utilize varying methods to properly install soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells. These methods range from hand auger borings to GEO Probe and truck mounted drill rigs. Intra plant assessments are performed using a track mounted GEO Probe for easy access.
Chem-Tech's experienced technical staff uses protocols established by the ASTM, Regulatory authorities and qualified Laboratories for most accurate assessment possible.

SPCC Plans (Spill, Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plan):
The Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Clean Water Act both give the authority to the US EPA to develop regulations under 40 CFR 110 to prohibit discharges of oil into navigable waterways in harmful quantities. Also, under 40 CFR 112, rules were established to require companies who store oil to prepare procedures, methods, and to provide equipment to prevent the discharge of oil into U.S. waters.
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans are required for above ground storage of greater than 1,320 gallons above ground and 42,000 gallons underground (if not regulated as an underground storage tank). These SPCC Plans must be available on site, must provide for appropriate training, and must be certified by a registered professional engineer. Penalties for failure to comply with the regulations can be from $10,000 to up to $300,000 plus jail time.
Chem-Tech is qualified to evaluate your requirements, prepare and certify the SPCC Plan, train your personnel, and provide tank evaluations.

System Design:
Aboveground and underground storage tanks require design to properly operate and comply with permit requirements in the State of Ohio. Many factors are involved and Chem-Tech's extensive field experience allows us to design a system to meet your needs.

Tier 1, 2 & 3 Assessments:
Underground storage tanks that are known or suspected to have releases to the environment must conduct corrective actions under OAC 1301: 7-9-13. These assessments vary from investigations, risk assessments, interim response actions and remediation of tank sites. Chem-Tech has vast experience in underground storage tank assessments since 1986.

Tank Management

BUSTR Compliance Audits:
Annually, The Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations requires an audit of every active UST system component with emphasis on electronic and mechanical leak detections systems for compliance with the regulations. Chem-Tech performs these evaluations for our clients utilizing a licensed installer and individuals certified by the manufacturers of electronic leak detection methods.

Certified Tank Installer:
Chem-Tech has been a part of the underground storage tank licensing process since it began with a 22 year Certified Installer on staff. 

Tank Closures:
Many underground storage tanks containing new and used hazardous materials and petroleum products are regulated by the State Fire Marshalls Office under OAC 1301: 7-9-12 and require proper tank closure activities by licensed individuals to be compliant with the regulations. Chem-Tech has a licensed installer on staff with 19 years of experience as a Certified Installer to assist you in compliance with these regulations.

Fund Submittal’s:
When tank owners experience a release and perform corrective actions under the State Fire Marshals regulations certain step by step processes apply to receive eligibility and reimbursement from the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board (PUSTRCB). Chem-Tech has the knowledge and experience to assist tank owners through the complicated process.

Leak & Detection Testing:
Underground and aboveground storage tanks alike have requirements for leak detection. Chem-Tech utilizes the Petro-Tite line testing system to evaluate underground product lines and to conduct mechanical leak detector testing as part of verifying releases and annual compliance to the State Fire Marshal and Federal regulations.
Chem-Tech also utilizes non-destructive ultrasonic testing to evaluate aboveground storage tanks that are not dielectrically isolated from the ground to determine tank shell thickness and project corrosion rates using the API and STI tank standards.
Chem-Tech can also assist with electronic monitoring units with services varying from system and operation audits to specification and installation assistance of new monitoring equipment.