Air Monitoring

  • Stack Testing:
    Some air permits require emissions testing to verify that control equipment is capturing pollutants and operating efficiently. Chem-Tech contracts with leading reputable testing companies to fulfill our clients’ stack testing needs.

  • Indoor Air Quality Sampling & Assessments:
    As part of a hazard analysis involving airborne contaminates, the breathing air must be tested to ascertain the concentrations of contaminates in the air. Chem-Tech provides full services to ensure that OSHA indoor air quality standards are met. Where areas exist that exceed air quality standards, Chem-Tech has the knowledge and experience to help engineer solutions.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling can be part of an environmental investigation. Soil sampling involves sampling of solid media which may be extracted using hand implements or drilling probes. Chem-Tech has conducted soil sampling in conjunction with underground tank closures and risk assessments; soil pile remediation, core borings, hazardous waste closures, PCB remediation, Phase II & III investigations, as well as other assessment work. Chem-Tech uses audited third party laboratories to test samples to insure analytical integrity.

Water Sampling

  • Drinking Water:
    As part of the Safe Drinking Water Act, public water systems must monitor the water they produce to ensure that the public is receiving clean, pure water. Chem-Tech can assist in the collection and delivery of the samples to an approved, audited laboratory as well interprets the results. Chem-Tech® has experience with bacterial, inorganic, organic, lead & copper, synthetic Organic chemicals, asbestos, radiological, and other types of water sampling.

  • Storm Water:
    Certain categories of storm water discharges require sampling during a storm event. This requirement poses challenges to sampling personnel since storms are not very predictable. Chem-Tech has the experience to watch the weather and sample with a minimum of lost time due to the capricious nature of weather. Chem-Tech has experience with a variety of clients and situations.

  • Wastewater:
    As part of a NPDES Permit, pretreatment permit, design, or other reason to sample, care must be taken to insure a representative sample. Chem-Tech can assist in the collection and delivery of the samples to an approved, audited laboratory as well interprets the results. Chem-Tech has experience with grab and automatic sampling techniques in a variety of sampling environments.

Waste Characterization

All business must determine whether the waste they generate is hazardous as defined by law. Failure to evaluate waste is the number one violation according to the EPA. To properly characterize a waste; a representative sample must be collected. Chem-Tech can provide this service through examination of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), sampling, and study of the regulations. Chem-Tech will collect a representative sample, send it to an audited or certified laboratory for analysis, and provide waste evaluation information which will document the waste determination.