ISO 14001

ISO: 14001 is an international standard specification for an environmental management system (EMS). The EMS analyzes various aspects associated with the operation of a company’s operations. The EMS develops a plan for regulatory compliance, prevention of pollution, continual improvement, and to sustain the business of the company. The benefits of an EMS include reducing environmental liability, lower waste and material costs, meeting customer requirements, environmental compliance, and improved public image. Chem-Tech can assist with part or the entire program.

Chem-Tech cannot provide you with the third party registration audit because of conflict of interest provisions in the standard. However, we can provide a pre-registration audit, self declaration audits, surveillance audits, compliance, and vendor audits.

GAP Analysis:
Many companies have part of their system in place to start the EMS process especially if they are ISO or QS 9000 certified. To evaluate the present position Chem-Tech can perform a GAP Analysis. This gap analysis compares the present environmental management with the required elements of the ISO 14001 standard and recommends areas where work needs to be done as well as an estimate of time required.

Implementation Assistance:
Chem-tech can provide an implementation strategy based on the gap analysis report. Initially, the Environmental Policy (4.2) must be formulated. Then the Planning Phase (4.3) must develop the procedure for determination of aspects and related environmental impacts. Objectives and targets which improve the environmental impact are formulated into Environmental Management Programs. The Implementation and Operation Element (4.4) determines who is responsible and how the EMP’s will be accomplished. The Checking and Corrective Action (4.5) is an evaluation of the EMP’s. Finally, the Management Review (4.6) is the method of insuring continual improvement of the Environmental Management System. We can also provide training, guide or write procedures, review documents, and general consultation.

ISO 14001 Training:
Chem-Tech can provide basic awareness to management and/or employees for those companies that are pursuing ISO 14001 Certification as well as internal auditor training. The basic awareness training includes an overview of the standard as well as an explanation of the purpose and terms used in the standard. The internal auditor training gives an overview of environmental regulations, the ISO 14001 Standard, audit techniques, and hands-on auditor practice.