Environmental Audits / Property Assessments

Compliance Audits:
Environmental compliance has become a major concern due to the enactment of numerous laws and the myriad of published regulations. The possibility of civil and criminal penalties as well as environmental concerns make compliance very important. Environmental assessments can help achieve compliance by evaluating present operations, acquisitions, and disposal sites to ensure adherence to the law.

One of the first steps to environmental compliance is an assessment of air emissions, wastewater discharges, and hazardous waste management. A Chem-Tech environmental audit will provide a prioritized list of recommendations to help achieve compliance and limit liability. The audit may, at the client’s option, be performed according to the ASTM standard of practice.

Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facility (TSDF) Audits:
Before a Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facility (TSDF) is used for the disposal of hazardous waste, the TSDF should be audited to ensure that the liability of the user is sufficiently limited by their practices. Allow Chem-Tech to perform a thorough review of the facilities location, processes, records, and regulatory compliance.

Environmental Site Assessments for Real Estate Transactions or Financing

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (What's Suspected?):
    The purpose of conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of commercial real estate is to satisfy this requirement for the innocent landowner as conducting an all appropriate inquiry into the previous ownership and used of the property. Chem-Tech's Environmental Professionals use the ASTM International's most recent standard (currently ASTM 1527-05). In addition the Environmental Professional has addressed the performance of the "additional inquires" set fourth at 40 CFR Section 312.22. The Phase I is a process of historical and public records investigation, coupled with a visual inspection of the property and to the extent feasible, surrounding property designed to determine if there is any substantive basis to suspect the presence of a Recognized Environmental Condition which, if preset, would impair the subject property or its value. If a major Recognized Environmental Condition is suspected, a Phase II will be recommended.

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Is It Confirmed?):
    Given the suspected existence of a Recognized Environmental Condition, the Phase II is conducted is to confirm or deny the existence of that condition by scientifically appropriate analytical methods. Chem-Tech's Environmental Professionals conduct the investigation in accordance with generally accepted industry standards of practice and consisting of a scope of work that would be considered reasonable and sufficient to identify the presence and nature of the Recognized Environmental Condition. The Phase II involves additional investigations, sampling, and analytical testing. If the Recognized Environmental Condition is confirmed, a Phase III may be recommended.

  • Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (To What Extent?):
    Given the presence of a Recognized Environmental Condition, a Phase III may be conducted to determine the quantitative extent of the risk, the current and likely future condition of the primary control mechanisms, the availability and efficiency of the transport mechanisms, the availability and types of targets and the relative risk of adverse target impacts. It may also include analysis and cost estimates of risk control alternatives, the selection of risk management strategies, the initiation of an environmental risk inventory, and the implementation of an environmental risk management plan. Chem-Tech's Environmental Professionals conduct the investigation in accordance with generally accepted industry standards sufficient to quantify the extent of the risk and recommend economically feasible methods to mitigate the risk.