(Asbestos 29 CFR 1910, 1926 & 40 CFR Part 61)

Awareness Training:
Asbestos Awareness is designed for the employee and the supervisor to increase their knowledge, awareness and location of suspect asbestos and the hazards that are associated with the suspect item. The course is designed to conform to OSHA, Appendix H. Strong emphasis is on suspect asbestos and awareness. This course is approved by the Ohio EPA for 1.0 regular contact hour for both water supply and wastewater.

Bulk Sampling:
Bulk sampling of asbestos is the only way to verify the asbestos content and meet the requirements of the OEPA and the Ohio Department of Health. All industries are required to identify worker exposure to asbestos; this also includes the construction renovation or demolition process. Chem-Tech has an experienced individual licensed by the Ohio Department of Health as an Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist to assist you.

Demolition Representation (NESHAPS):
During the demolition of structures it is a requirement, as certified in the demolition notice to have a 5 day trained competent person on site to identify any asbestos and other airborne hazards under the NESHAPS regulations. Chem-Tech has an experienced and licensed NESHAPS individual to assist you in complying with this requirement.

Inspections & Surveys:
Based on the general industry and construction standards, all industries including government buildings, construction renovations and demolitions are required to have an asbestos inspection to identify the potential for exposure to asbestos in the work place. Chem-Tech has two individuals licensed by the Ohio Department of Health as an Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist to assist you.

Management Plans:
Management Plans are required in most School settings from K – 12 grades and are strongly recommended in industries for proper employee protection. Management Plans identify the location of the asbestos containing materials and the proper steps to maintain it or prevent exposure. Chem-Tech has an experienced management planner licensed by the Ohio Department of Health who can develop a customized management plan for your needs.